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"There something you are not understanding about your experience, that is keeping you from what you want to experience."

Are you satisfied with what is going on with you physically, mentally and emotionally?

Are you having trouble with others, work, relationships, finances,

self-esteem, self-love or self-sabotage?

What feelings & emotions are you "attracting into your life"?

You will finally understand why these repetitive patterns,

obstacles and problems are occurring in your life,

and you will know how to end them.

Andrew O.

I'm half way through the book, and am enjoying it immensely. You really have a direct, but gentle way of getting your valuable wisdom across to the reader.
I do hope the book reaches a great number of seekers. A book itself, is just a book, but the information within the pages, if received properly, is invaluable.
It just might be the key to unlock our hearts to our True Identity. Remembering is the key to Awakening, and I do feel that this book of yours will help people remember who they truly Are.

I commend you for the great amount of time and effort you put into the book and your guidance sessions. 

The old saying is so very true - When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I imagine there are a great number of students ready for your guidance these days.

Barriers are breaking down at a rapid rate these days, and planetary ascension is inevitable.
We have many masters making sure all is on track.

You have an obvious talent, and it would be a great benefit to society if you shine your light on as many hungry faces as possible. 

I really feel that the more people that can gain access to "Through the Eyes of the Heart" the better.

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Jacquie W.

​Oh Unity, I just had to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the book. It is just amazing. 

I never knew that it was possible to feel such love and unity from just words written on paper. I want to savour each and every word. You have touched my soul so much.
I have read hundreds of books many of the ones you mention at the beginning of yours, but yours has truly struck a cord it is just amazing and has made me realise so much and has changed my life completely. 

All the negative feelings about life etc have gone and I realise I can create the life I desire. There are no words to thank you for such an amazing gift.

Once I stopped focusing on the unpleasant things around, some of them have desolved and well others, I can watch with a detached feeling and send the situation love, so thank you. 

I feel it needs to be seen by every living being I honestly do. I constantly reread it - it is amazing.
The reason I so want to share it with others, in groups etc, is because I have put into practise everything I have read and believe me, it works!!!! 

There is no better way to share and spread the good work then through personal experience I believe. 

My whole life has changed Unity, I am so happy inside, the peace and love is amazing. 

To me, your book is the greatest gift anyone could receive. I find when I feel the negativity creeping back, I just need to read a few pages and I am back on top of the world.

I am so excited about sharing this wonderful treasure I feel it is like a modern bible. Everyone should read it and have it. God Bless you abundantly for all the lives you are lighting up.

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Anthony N. in Australia

I want to thank you for the time, effort and love you have put into your book. It opens my heart to something I feel I have always known within yet have kept suppressed. 

I know it will take conscious effort to wrest control away from the mind as it has been conditioned for fifty odd years not to trust the heart.
The beauty of looking for the positive in every person, event or situation is already lifting my happiness within.
The wonderful message I have seen in other places but never explained in such a way as to really affect the heart & mind into co-operating with one another in such an uplifting way.

Thank you for the beginning of a new life, I have no false illusions that it will be easy and I know that I will be re-reading sections of your book many times before the heart and mind totally work together in Divine Love.

Best wishes, Anthony

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Stef Taylor

When I was lucky enough to meet Unity, I was in such anguish and pain. My husband of over 40 years had crossed over a few weeks before. I had searched the library, book stores and online for any wisdom to help me in stopping the pain. 


I felt desperate, afraid and hopeless. She stopped what she was doing and explained to me in simple, direct terms how to direct my thoughts toward feeling better. When she left, my heart and mind felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off. 


I also read her amazing book. It opened my eyes and heart to many truths. I could not believe one book could have so much wisdom  explained clearly and concisely. 


I have bought this book for others, I use it daily to help me stay focused on the positive. 


I don't think Unity knows how much I appreciate her help on my journey. I would highly recommend her book and/or contacting her with any issues you may have in your life.

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Stella Bale

Hello Unity, 

I am reading living heaven on earth for the 2nd time and thoroughly enjoying it. 

A friend gave me his copy of the book, just as I was about to go travelling on my own. This was a surprise in deed, as out of all his books, it was the one book he wouldn't loan out to anyone and now he was giving it to me. 

You can imagine, I was deeply touched. Once finished I understood why he held the book as his prize, as it is truly the best book I have ever read.

I have just ordered a copy of the book in readiness of my friends birthday to give him back a new copy as way of thanks to him for giving me his prize.

I wondered, if I were to order a box of the books, in readiness to give to people whom I meet that I think would really benefit, how much the shipping would cost to the UK? And how many would be in a box?

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Camille Wagoner, Executive Director of Nursing 
Indigo Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation in Daytona Beach, FL, a 270 bed rehabilitation and acute care nursing facility.

This book changed my life. I have had it for about 2 years I think. When ever I am troubled I read passages from it. 

When my son got cancer I took it with me to radiation every day..when he died it was my thread holding me to life..YOU CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. 

Unity.. you are a blessing to this world. Love you for all that you are doing for me and mankind When I am especially low it is what brings me back to the reason we are here..

THANK YOU from my heart. Love Camille

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Hi Unity,

It is now some months since I received your E book. It is never far from me for the wisdom contained there in is one of the great gifts I have had the joy of discovering.

OK, so much of the knowledge was within my heart already, but your beautiful words have a way of bringing that knowledge to the surface and turning that knowledge into actions. 

In turn those actions lift not only myself but also those whom I come into contact with.

I personally believe that I have an Angel with me whom I am able to connect with when I am in the moment, (that precious space in time that runs along side us at all times waiting for us to step into it). 

When I do my dear Angel companion can communicate with me. So this big thanks comes from the both of us, for without your beautiful reminders contained within your wonderful work my Angel companion and I may never have connected.

I was my Angel companion who reminded me that we all need encouragement at times, so I hope that this note of appreciation may be  just what you need at this time.

Thanks also to your great husband who gave you so much support while you were putting this book together. 
With Devine Love, Tony.

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Five Star - Excellent well written book - By Dg on September 16, 2012 

I have studied Metaphysics and the mind-body-spirit connection all my life.
Read hundreads of books from Science of Mind, Quantum Physics, etc., but this was the easiest, most concise information I have ever read in a book. 

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn in a nutshell how their thoughts affect their experiences, and how they can change their experiences for the better by changing their thinking.

Amazon Books

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Google Books - About the author (2006) - The Year the Book was Published

The author has over thirty-five years of study into what life and we ourselves are all about. What are our life experiences trying to tell us? 

Being a seeker of truth and one who cares, she has taken a large amount of information and put it simply so the reader becomes empowered immediately.
This book's guidance helps you find the answers and the solutions you have been looking for.

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Camille S. - On Facebook

Absolutely life altering book. 

I read it several years ago ... and again 8 years ago as I sat in the waiting room, (every day for 6 weeks) while my son was undergoing radiation treatments for brain cancer (he didn't make it) ... Unity's words awakened me and completely changed my life for the better.

Thank you for visiting and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

Counselor of the Heart

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