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Counselor of the Heart

Spiritual Counselor - Unique Life Coach

Are you tired of conventional counseling, therapy, etc. and the length of time it takes to have what you want?

You have just entered metaphysical counseling ..

this goes beyond what many know that are helping others. 

We will not be taking you through your life experiences to get to the root cause because those feelings and emotions will create

more of what you do not want to experience in your Now.

We will be addressing what is coming up in your life now

so you can master how to feel good.

It is important to understand why you are having the experiences

you are having now because otherwise you won't

be able to change them.

A healer that teaches ...

A counselor that counsels at a higher level ...

An advisor that gives understanding and shows you how to truly make change happen.


I am known as Unity,

I have been a seeker of truth almost all of my life.

Some say I am a people whisperer.  I am an empath and  

a bridge to deeper truths, and am honored to give you,

"A Clear Understanding of Your Life".​

I don't believe you need endless sessions,

years of study or ongoing therapy ...

you just need a darn good understanding on how

to make things better and isn't that what it is all about?

Dear reader, it is not by finding the root or cause

of why something is happening, for when you do ...

you re-live the problem and emotions tied to that problem and this adds fuel to the exact experience

you don't want to have.

It's about starting with a new plan - one that brings you joy right away.

You will be given everything you need.

Author, Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Healer, Unique Life Coach does things differently. 

Allow me show you how to genuinely heal, experience happiness

and have an amazing life, in an in-depth 1 1/2 hour Session or

you can opt for a Life Coach shorter session

and receive the insight you need as things come up in your life.

Are you tired of repetitive patterns?

Are you wanting to improve your relationships?

Do you wonder about your life purpose?

Are you wanting to know how to make better decisions?

Are you wanting to improve your health?

Are you wondering how to solve a life struggle?

Are you in crisis?

Are you afraid?

Do you have a troubled teen?

Perhaps speaking to someone who thinks differently would help him or her open up?

Do you want to believe in yourself?

Are you wanting more confidence?

If you want to feel more joy or overcome a problem,

whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ...

this is the place to come to obtain the wisdom

and knowledge on how to do it.

Learn if what you have been doing is to your advantage

or if you are sabotaging your heartfelt desires.

The Wisdom & Love shared with you in Session and in my Book,

is from over 50 years of in-depth research

and what I share is the truth that was Shown.

You can change problem areas into bliss.

I wouldn't trade what I have come to understand for anything in the world,

and once you know it dear one, you won't want to trade it for anything either ...

for it will help you immensely on your journey and in all your life experiences.

One Counseling Session or one Life Coach Session

is all you need to start making your life better.

What will be shared with you is something that should have been

shared with you long ago.

And it should be explained easily and precisely so you understand it.

Your life experience should not be confusing for you to understand and correct. 

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Spiritual Counselor - Unique Life Coach ... gives you what you need immediately.

A Life HandBook | Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth | Counselor of the Heart

Author of ...

"Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth"

Overcome almost any life challenge.

Find wisdom and the light you need in your most troubling times.

This book will show you how to feel good!

Children's Book - Overcome the feelings of being bullied | Know Who You Are - The Banana Story | Counselor of the Heart

Author of ...

"Know Who You Are - The Banana Story"

This Children's Book is for anyone who has ever been put down, teased or bullied. 

This story shows you how to feel good regardless

of what anyone thinks or says about you!

Tools of my Trade

Multifaceted spiritual counselor experienced in multiple modalities.

Alternative & Complimentary Therapies including ...

Ordained Spiritual Minister of Universal Divine Love

The Grandest Love of All

Spirituality & Beyond - Universal Law

Intuitive Interaction

Holistic Healer - Healing the Mind & Body by Awakening to the Soul

Metaphysical Understanding - Deeper Teachings

Ontology - The Nature of Being

Holistic Medicine - Nutritional and Illness Guidance

Teaching Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness - 

through Awareness, Positive Thought & Feeling

Reiki Master - Exploration into Alternate Methods of Healing

Reiki Energy Healing - Heart-Thought Consciousness

Guidance Counselor - Spiritual Life Coach - Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Advisor - Guided Meditation

Counseling in all areas of life - both one on one & in group settings​.

Other Training
Certified Lymphologist
Acu-Pressure & Reflexology Guidance
DNA Activation & The Understanding of Higher Knowing
Native American Teachings
Eastern & Complementary Philosophies
Universal Spiritual Energy Activation
Automatic Writing,
Speaking and Recording
Magnetic Therapy Guidance
Personal Fitness Trainer

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Have I helped you along your way? 

Would you like to help us help others? Then please do! 

From my heart ... I thank you!

Disclaimer - Honoring Another's Work
It is my understanding that everything on this website is public domain.
If there has been a mistake and you hold a copyright, please contact me ...
and I will remove your material from my web pages or gladly give you full credit.

From my heart ... Unity

Thank you for visiting and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

Counselor of the Heart

Experience your heart's desire.

​Open to the celebration of what life can truly be.

© 2001 - 2023 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach teaches a genuine path to enlightenment and healing by giving you

a clear understanding of your life and how to change it.

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