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One Hour and a Half Counseling Session with Unity

Unity offers a different kind of Spiritual Counseling. Do you want to be working on this for years, dear one, or do you want to know how to change things NOW? Experience the incredible that life has to offer. This Session includes "A Clear Understanding of Your LIfe and How to Change it".  We can cover multiple troublesome areas in this Session.This understanding is essential in order to attract what you want in your life because counseling, therapy and/or life coaching could go on indefinitely, without this kind of understanding.


What if someone could give you wisdom and insight into the problem you are having or the pain you are feeling and then show you how to re-create and experience what makes you feel good?


"One Session" is all you need to start changing your life for the better.


Your vibration/energy/thoughts and feelings are determining everything unfolding in your life. ​When you find out how to correct your vibration/entergy, lasting change will happen for you.


Our Session is unique - it is unlike any other. In our 1st Session together you will not only know what you need to correct to feel better, you will know exactly how to accomplish it.


What can Unity help you with? Almost anything, dear one. Why live without the understanding, the wisdom the knowledge and the tools to make your life better?


Please note: After you have paid for a Session, please call Unity to schedule your time together. 414-581-0020

One Hour and a Half Counseling Session with Unity

  • One Hour Counseling Session with Unity

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