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Book - "Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth

"Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heave on Earth" ... Book by Unity, Copyright 2006


This is an important Book - what it will teach you is essential for your life path. You will be given "The Clear Understanding of Your Life", for without this kind of wisdom, your questions, dilemmas, problems and searching could go on indefinitely.


This book can change your Life ,there is no continuation. This book will set you free.. This Life Handbook shows you how to feel good. End self sabotage and repetitive life exeriences - there is something you are not understanding about your experience, that is keeping you from what you want to experience. Isn't it time to know?


Are you wanting to feel good - feel joy - and experience the best life has to offer? Are you satisfied with what is going on with you physically, mentally and emotionally? Are you having trouble with others, work, relationships, finances, health, self-esteem, self-love or repeating patterns?


This Wisdom is essential for your life path because without it ... counseling, therapy, life coaching or searching could go on indefinitely. You will finally understand why these repetitive patterns, obstacles and problems are occurring in your life, and you will know how to end them.


This is a Life Handbook to Help Guide You Through Your Life.

Book - "Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth


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