Counselor of the Heart

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Spiritual Counseling with enlightened Spiritual Counselor - Spiritual Advisor
Experience a genuine difference in the way you feel and in what you experience!
Most of us are sabotaging ourselves. Teacher of Universal Law, free will & free choice. 
Counselor of the Heart teaches the realization that we are constantly creating.

  Changing your life made easy.

   This is personal growth - self growth at its highest levels.
It is self empowerment. Feel good about yourself, at your job,
in any situation or with anyone who is pushing your buttons.

 This Spiritual Counseling helps you see the Bigger Picture.

 This is healing in it's truest form. It is emotional well being.
                     It is Wisdom and Love in its grandest expression.

Unity is an enlightened and Loving spiritual counselor, advisor, life coach and mentor.
She shares pure spiritual counseling from the heart, teaching a sincere way to your true-self,
so you can experience the kind of happiness that makes life exceptional.
Be the master of your life ... connect with
the Guidance of the Grandest Love of all.
Things do not have to be confusing any longer.

I Offer a Profound Understanding - The Awareness That We Are Constantly Creating.
The Question becomes, "Are you intentionally creating what you want?"
Or, "Are you unknowingly creating what you don't want?"

Author of "Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth" ...
A Life Manual for Living Happiness and Feeling Good.

Isn't it time to have a better experience?
Isn't it time to have Profound Understanding and The Knowing
of what's going on in your life & why?
Isn't it time to have the tools, the instructions and the way to change it?

Spiritual Advisor shares the kind of spiritual counseling
that gives you the Wisdom, the Knowledge and the Way
to experience balance, wholeness, happiness,
harmony, mental/emotional and physical well being.

 Love, Healing, Emotional Balance
The Wisdom & Love shared with you in Session & Book
is from over
40 years of in-depth researching.
 What you will be shown is what you might have missed about yourself and your situation
which is keeping you from experiencing life in an amazing way.

Spiritual Advisor Counselor of the Heart - shares the enlightenment.
Experience an amazing change in yourself and in your situations.
Connect with your Inner Guidance and the wisdom it holds for you
in one spiritual counseling session.

You are here for a reason ... If you are reading this ... you may be here for a reason.

You don't need years of therapy,
but what you do need is an Understanding beyond the physical -
a knowing of how life truly works.
This is personal and spiritual awakening.
Self awareness, newfound wisdom, and the new choices you will make
because of this Understanding will produce unbelievable changes.

Receive genuine insight and clarity.
Have the knowledge and insight to attract what you want in your life.

Have you been given a clear Understanding on how you are creating what you don't want?
If you haven't ... how will you identify and correct Self Sabotage?
How will you know where your vibration is (energy level) and the level it is attracting at?

Re-experience yourself in a beautiful & wonderful way.
Feel others & your situation with depth.
Author, Spiritual Counselor, Mentor and Advisor teaches
enlightenment, happiness & feeling good.

 Love, Healing, Emotional Balance It is in the troubled areas of your life & in the challenging situations you find yourself in,
that this profound understanding bridging both heaven and earth can help. 

Being able
to re-align/re-center & see clearly during challenging times - changes everything.
This is how you change your vibration, which changes what you attract for life experiences.
Learn how to intentionally and mindfully use your heart and mind to create what you want.

What can I as a Metaphysical Spiritual Advisor help you with? Almost anything.
You will be given a good solid foundation in the area you are needing help with ...
you will also be given significant tools to accompany you.
I will show you how to accomplish and create on a grander level.

As a intuitive spiritual counselor , advisor, teacher and life long empath,
I will give you clear insight into the situation that you are dealing with at this time.
We will help you see on a soul level what you consciously need to understand first,
and then show you what needs to change to have a more satisfying life experience.
Because if you aren't sure what you're being shown about yourself and your circumstances,
how will you know what to change to bring about what you desire?
This is where an understanding beyond the physical comes in ...
it is a knowing on how to have a grander on Earth.

This enlightening Understanding is shared from a deep place of Love.
You will experience a true connection with a wiser part of yourself.
Experience a genuine connection with your higher self.

Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Counseling All true paths, regardless of what religion, faith or belief you hold -
will always bring you back to take a closer and more honest look at yourself ...
everything, absolutely everything, is showing you something about yourself. 
When you become aware of what you're doing to call what you don't want into existence
 you hold the power to change and call forth what will make your life better.

    Spiritual Teacher, Advisor Spritiual Personal Growth is Spiritual Growth
 The door I can open for you
is Truer Understanding of Yourself
  and what you are being shown - on a more complete level.
We will cover your problem areas and give you a plan
on how to to align with what you desire.
You will know how to feel good and will have the ability to walk through the situation
that is challenging you now.
 You will feel confident & empowered to call forth what you desire into your life experience.
You are very powerful.
There is no reason you shouldn't experience the best life has to offer.

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 The Children's Book has just been Released!

"Know Who You Are - The Banana Story"

A Book for Children & for the Inner Child in all of us.

A profound and fun tool is given for us to use whenever
we are teased, harassed, bullied, put down or made fun of in any way.

Click Here to go to the Children's Book Page.

shop, ebook, e book, book

 You will know how to leave tension, stress and depression behind you.
 You will be able to find & feel peace because you will understand how to feel your way to it.
 You will recognize your part as things unfold ...
and know how to find relief in the situations that challenge you most.
 Physical and mental wellness will not be a dilemma for you.
 Instead of feeling lost you will have directions to find your way.
Wouldn't it be nice to "feel" your questions have answered?
Wouldn't it be nice to have the solutions you are looking for?

 What I offer is a clear cut heartfelt solution to what is puzzling you,
one that will make perfect sense ... leaving you with clarity,
a good Understanding and a plan you can apply immediately. It is Empowering.

 You will come to understand that what you are manifesting in your life is by your own hand
and you will know that you need nothing but yourself to change it.
You will understand how you have been sabotaging yourself. 

Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Advisor, Personal Growth True awakening and enlightenment begins when you realize,
that what is going on in your life isn't about others.
This is self discovery ...
 for when
 you truly come to understand yourself, your life becomes yours again.

Because you finally understand self sabotage and you know exactly what to do to stop it.

I am known as Unity.

The spiritual counseling & spiritual guidance you receive from Unity
will give you the wisdom to understand your life,
and show you how to make unbelievable changes within yourself
that will create unbelievable changes outside yourself.
Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Counselor
If we do not understand how we are sabotaging ourselves - our lives do not change.
Your feelings and emotions can take you into the ultimate or the opposite.
You need nothing but yourself and this Profound Understanding
of how life works - under the surface & behind the scenes.

Spiritual Growth The truth cannot be learned ... but it can be recognized.
Once you understand and become aware, and select differently, your life will change.
You will have the wisdom, the knowledge & the tools to experience true freedom.
You will be able to change the way you feel and what you experience ...
regardless of how challenging the experience is that you find yourself in.

Personal Growth
Happiness, Feel Good If you are looking for the truth - it is here for you.

If you have feelings of depression, or suicide, or are stressed in any way -
if there are areas of your life you aren't happy with -
 if there are people or situations that continually bother you -
if you have been allowing another or others to abuse you -
if you are avoiding dealing with certain on-going problems -
 Isn't it time to feel good, dear one? Give yourself the gift the gift of knowing how.
Spiritual Counselor, Enlightened Advisor All you have to do is call and you will be given a solution and a plan.

  Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth Each of us is creating our own life experiences according to what is going on inside us.
"This is why change begins with us as an individual" -

These experiences you are having ... are happening so you can see something about yourself.
You are calling specific experiences to yourself  - physically, mentally and emotionally.
Whether it is in relationships with others, lack of relationships, at your job or lack of a job,
within yourself, outside yourself, everywhere and in every way -
you are creating what is happening in your life situations,
you are the one bringing it into existence.

Spiritual Counselor, Enlightened Advisor What is most important is that you become aware of how you are doing this ...
for the key to helping yourself bring about the life you want to experience depends on it.

You can search the world for your answers ...
but until you truly stop to understand yourself -
what you most hope to feel & experience will most likely play hide & seek with you.

Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Advisor
 You can experience an incredible life and consciousness now. It is here for you.
You can have
the wisdom, the insight & the knowledge
and a path to improve your life situations.
You can have the knowing to make new decisions from now on. 

I am Unity,
a sensitive intuitive, a spiritual advisor, counselor, mentor & an effective life coach.
I can show you the way by helping you understand
what the troublesome parts of your life have been wanting to show you.
Many of your questions will end when you realize how
you have been unknowingly creating self-sabotage.


When you feel the connection to what you know inside ...
Life becomes simple, beautiful, & truly increditable.

Experience a leap in consciousness, experience personal transformation
and have the solutions you are looking for.
This book was designed as a Life Manual for Living Happiness and Feeling Good..
It teaches you how to create and experience your life beautifully

Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven On Earth

  Click on the cover picture above to read more about the book
"Through the Eyes of the Heart"
, written by, Unity.
A Life Manual for Living Happiness & How to Change Your Life Experiences.


Spiritual Counselor, Author
“Greater in battle than the man who would conquer a thousand-thousand men,
is he who would conquer just one - himself.”

  The path you walk in this moment is the right one for you,
sometimes what may be lost is your knowingness
and Understanding of how you, yourself are creating what happens in your life,
be it good or what seems bad.

But once you have this profound Understanding & become consciously self aware,
you and you alone control your life.
There is no outside force to blame or stop you from having your heart's desire.

Spiritual Counseling with Unity, UnityLove  What I can assure you of is, as you sincerely come to understand yourself,
the newfound choices you make & the conscious awareness you gain
will have a profound change on the life you live now.

 Life Coach, Mentor, Self Awareness Many teach you about everything in life -
but here I teach you about
Understanding Yourself on a deeper level.
You will see clearly why you are having specific experiences
and you will understand why you are struggling.  

It is important for you to understand why some things are working in your life
and why other things are not.

  It is a hard time for many, some are struggling, some are lost & going through too much.
How to feel good should be clear - not confusing.

Spiritual Counseling ... Think With Your Heart! Click and listen with your heart to a world filled with Love that we can make happen   ...  
"Imagine" by John Lennon

When we open ourselves to the Love we have within and allow this Love
to dance through us ...
we are the vessel that expresses true Love through our uniqueness and we feel our beauty.

Experience having a wise heart and feel the joy of a child.
Learn how to be in the moment and how to trust in yourself enough to just Be.

Through the Eyes of the Heart Divine Love
Self Love Ask and you shall receive! Living Heaven on Earth


Unity is an enlightened and Loving spiritual counselor, advisor, life coach and mentor.
She shares pure spiritual counseling from the heart, teaching a sincere way to your true-self,
so you can experience the kind of happiness that makes life exceptional.
Be the master of your life ... connect with
the Guidance of the Grandest Love of all.
Things do not have to be confusing any longer.

Many are confused about what self-mastery is ... It isn't a magical place that you arrive at.  
It is an on-going process & expansion of the self - a continual process of sculpting yourself anew.

Recreate your life experience "Through the Eyes of the Heart" -  Living Heaven on Earth.
Have the Guidance to experience life in an amazing way.

Click on the left picture below to receive this profound Understanding in a personal way.
Click on the right picture below to read about the book sharing the same heartfelt wisdom.

         THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HEART - Living Heaven On Earth

Divinity Both the site and this enlightening Understanding are shared from a deep place of Love.
They were created to bring many heartfelt feelings, encourage you to touch on the Love
that you hold and cause you to think deeper about many things in life.
They are shared so you touch on and feel the beauty that truly lives in you.

Click on the star below to enter the web site.
Please know this profound understanding is not listed in its entirety on the site.

    Divine Unconditional Love
Thank you for coming and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

Loving spiritual counselor/advisor comes to share the gift of enlightenment.
A uniting of the heart and mind in a space of Love ...
an amazing
true awakening with guidance into a genuine Loving ascension
of one's self and consciousness.

Honoring all beliefs and ways.
Experienced in multiple teaching and healing modalities.
Spiritual Counseling in any area of life.
  Can guide you through your present growth, moving from where you are now,
into where you desire to be.


Award for Caring

Counselor of the Heart
Helping you experience your heart's desire in every way & in every area of life.

Open to the Love That You Truly Are and experience the celebration of what life can truly be!

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© 2001 - 2015 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
Spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor, author and life coach teaches a genuine path
to enlightenment using feeling and a profound understanding of life


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