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Spiritual Counseling with Author - Healer - Counselor of the Heart.
Wellness Consultant & Coach.

Experience enlightenment and joy ...
spiritual counseling with enlightened Spiritual Counselor
and Spiritual Advisor.

Mind, Body & Soul Alignment. Wholistic Healer - Holistic Advisor.
Experience a genuine difference in how you feel
and in what you are experiencing!

What if someone could give you a complete understanding in an hour or two
that would bring genuine relief and
attract more of what makes you feel good?

One thing I know, is I wouldn't trade what I know for anything in the world ...
and once you know it, dear one, you won't trade it for anything either.
It will serve you immensely on your journey.

    What if you could change what is happening in your life
by changing something about yourself?

Your vibration is determining your life experience  ...
you can turn the troubled areas of your life into something better!

Experience a genuine change in the way you feel
and in what you are experiencing.

Spiritual Counselor - Spiritual Counseling - Wholistic Healer - Wellness Consultant

Spiritual CounselingI am here to empower you today!
This wisdom & knowledge will show you how to change
your circumstances for the better in your 1st Session today.

 What will be shared with you is something that
should have been shared with you long ago.

This is about feeling Heaven On Earth now. 

As an Author, Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Advisor and Wholistic Healer ...
I can show you what you need to do to improve your life.


Happiness Whatever the problem is ...
Life is about feeling good & accomplishing your dreams.

I am known as Unity,
I have been a seeker of Truth almost all of my life.
Some think I am a "people whisperer."

I am an empath and a bridge between the worlds,
and am honored to be a messenger of a genuine "Understanding of Life".
I care about you and your happiness.
Why? Because can I feel you when you feel sad ...
and you don't have to feel that way.

 Spiritual Advisor offers a unique & different kind of Spiritual Counseling ...
pure and simple wisdom you can hold and walk away with empowered.

To read how I began helping others, click on my picture above.

Many Years of In-Depth Research and Studying

The Wisdom & Love shared with you in Session, in Workshops & in my Book
is from over 40 years of in-depth research and direct connection
with God/Spirit/Source.

My gift as an empath has blessed me with a way to show you how to
have a direct connection with Source by understanding your thoughts & feelings.

Our Session will help you make the kind of choices that will open you
to experiencing yourself and your life in an amazing way.

Working on all levels of Mind - Body & Spirit
True living is about feeling good - physically, mentally & emotionally.

Spiritual guidance through your present growth ...
moving you from where you are now - into where you want to be!

Tools of my Trade

Multifaceted spiritual counselor experienced in multiple modalities.

Alternative & Complimentary Therapies including ...

Universal Divine Love
- The Grandest Love of All
Ordained Spiritual Minister - Intuitive Interaction
Spirituality & Beyond - Universal Laws
Wholistic Healer - Healing the Mind & Body by Awakening to the Soul

Metaphysical Understanding - Deeper Teachings
Ontology - The Nature of Being
Holistic Medicine - Nutritional and Illness Guidance
Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness -
through Awareness, Positive Thought & Feeling

Reiki Master - Exploration into Alternate Methods of Healing
Reiki Energy Healing - Heart-Thought Consciousness

  Guidance Counselor - Life Coach - Spiritual Counseling
 Spiritual Advisor - Guided Meditation
Counseling in all areas of life - both one on one & in group settings

Other Training
Certified Lymphologist
Acu-Pressure & Reflexology Guidance

DNA Activation & The Understanding of Higher Knowing
Native American Teachings
Eastern & Complimentary Philosophies
Universal Spiritual Energy Activation
Automatic Writing, Speaking and Recording
Magnetic Therapy Guidance
Personal Fitness Trainer

Honoring Another's Work      Honoring Another's Work
Have I helped you along your way ...

ould you like to help us help others ... Then please do!
From my heart to yours ... Thank You.

Honoring Another's Work It is my understanding that everything on this website is public domain.
If there has been a mistake and you hold a copyright, please contact me ...
and I will remove your material or gladly give you full credit.
From my heart ... Unity

Counselor of the Heart
Helping you experience your heart's desire.

Happiness  Open to the celebration that life can truly be!

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Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach teaches a genuine path
to enlightenment and healing using a profound understanding of life.


Spiritual Counseling with Author - Advisor - Counselor of the Heart.