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Spiritual Counseling with Author - Counselor of the Heart.
Spiritual counseling with enlightened Spiritual Counselor - Spiritual Advisor.
Wholistic Healing - Mind, Body & Soul.
a genuine difference in the way you feel and in what you experience.

There comes a time to go deeper and beyond what we
have been taught or thought we knew.

Author of,
"Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven on Earth".
A Life Manual.
A simple understanding of the heart, the mind
and the soul that will take you on an amazing journey
of self-discovery,  self-empowerment and wellness in every area of your life.

Through the Eyes of the Heart - Living Heaven On Earth

 Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Counseling Most of us are sabotaging ourselves.  
We are sabotaging ourselves in our health, our relationships, our jobs,
in our creative ideas, in our new adventures and in the way we look at ourselves.
Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Counseling

Are you ready for the truth in one of the simplest ways it can be explained?

Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Teacher I am here to guide & teach you to identify, understand,
and master your energy and vibration
so you can experience your hearts desire.

I am known as Unity.
To read about how I came to help others - click on my picture.

You Don't Need Years of Searching, Reading or Therapy -
but what you do need is an Understanding beyond the physical -
a knowing of how life truly works.
This is emotional and physical healing.
This is personal and spiritual growth.
This newfound understanding, its wisdom, and the new choices you will make
because of this Understanding ... will produce
unbelievable changes.

Spiritual Counseling
Walk away with the tools to rise above any troubling situation in your life
or that comes up in your future.
Receive a higher perspective, see the bigger picture
of what is going on in your life and in your situation ... & understand why. 

Spiritual Advisor
The advice of what to do & what not to do to change your vibration/engery
so you can change your experience.

Spiritual Counselor
Receive the Wisdom, the Knowledge and the Way,
along with the Tools to overcome the life situations you are not satisfied with.

Metaphysical Teacher

A knowing beyond what most know - but really need to know.

Giving a very clear and simple understanding on how to accomplish your heart's desire.

A teaching that goes along with the beliefs you now hold
and one that will accompany you as your beliefs change throughout life.

Being able to Re-Align - Re-Center & See Clearly
during challenging times
- changes everything.
This is how you
change your vibration, which changes what you attract & experience.
Learn how to intentionally use your heart, mind and soul to create your heart's desire
and have an amazing life experience.

Experience an amazing change in yourself and in your situations.

You are here for a reason ...
If you are reading this ... you are here for a reason.

Honoring all beliefs and ways.
Experienced in multiple teaching and healing modalities.
Spiritual Counseling in any area of life.
  Can guide you through your present growth, moving from where you are now,
into where you desire to be.

What can I as a Metaphysical Spiritual Advisor help you with? Almost anything.
You will be given a good solid foundation in the area you are needing help with ...
you will also be given significant tools to accompany you.
I will show you how to accomplish and create on a grander level.

Multifaceted spiritual counselor experienced in multiple modalities.
Honoring all belief systems and ways.  Are you searching?
Are you missing any pieces to the puzzle of life?
Spiritual guidance through your present growth ...
moving you from where you are now and into where you want to be.

Spiritual Counseling and Advise in Almost any Area..
Abuse, Addiction, Children and Teens, Death, Families, Marriage,
Mental Health, Physical Health, Relationships, Work Relationships, Stress, Trauma ...

Tools of my Trade...
Alternative and Complimentary Therapies including ... Universal Divine Love,
Ministry in Spirituality and Beyond, Intuitive Interaction, Holistic Medicine,
Healing the Mind and Body by Awakening to the Soul, Nutritional and Illness Guidance,
Clarity in Mental and Emotional Beingness by using Positive Thought and Feelings.
Reiki Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Heart-Thought Consciousness.
Metaphysical Teaching and Understanding.
Spiritual Counseling ... Life Coach ... Guidance Counselor
Ordained Spiritual Minister of Divine Love,
Counseling In All Areas of Life ... Both One on One
And in Group Settings.

Other Training
 Certified Lymphologist, Reiki Master, Methods of Hands on Healing,
DNA Activation and Understanding, Acu-Pressure & Reflexology Guidance,
Native American Teachings ... Eastern and many other Philosophies,
Universal Spiritual Energy Activation, Automatic Writing and Speaking,
 Magnetic Therapy Guidance, Personal Fitness Trainer.

 The Wisdom & Love shared with you in Session, in Workshops & in the Book
is from over
40 years of in-depth researching and it is ongoing.
  What you will be shown is what we miss about ourselves and our situations ...
and then you will see what has been keeping you from
experiencing life in an exceptional way.

  Changing your life made easy.

   This is personal growth - self growth at its highest levels.
                                It is self empowerment.

                             Feel good about yourself
            and in the situations that challenge you most.

This is healing in it's truest form. It is emotional well being.
        It is Wisdom and Love in its grandest expression.

Unity is an enlightened and Loving spiritual counselor, advisor, life coach and mentor.
She shares pure spiritual counseling from the heart,
teaching a sincere way into your Truer-Self,
so you can experience the kind of happiness that makes life amazing.
Be the master of your life ... connect with the Guidance of the Grandest Love of all.
Things do not have to be confusing any longer.

shop, ebook, e book, book

Unity is Author of, "Know Who You Are - The Banana Story"
A children's book to help any of us who need to rise above being teased or put down in any way.

"The Banana Story" empowers you to never let what someone else thinks
or says about you - ever bother you again!

This story is about a connection with your ... Sparkle

It gives you a very cute, creative and fun tool to use
so you or your children can raise yourselves above what others think ...
 but you have to
"Enter the Learning Circle"
to understand how it works!

shop, ebook, e book, book

Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Counseling All true paths, regardless of what religion, faith or belief you hold -
will always bring you back to take a closer and more honest look at yourself ...
everything, absolutely everything, is showing you something about yourself. 
When you become aware of what you're doing to call what you don't want into existence
 you hold the power to change and call forth what will make your life better.

Receive genuine insight and clarity in Session or from the Life Manual.
Have the knowledge and insight to attract what you want in your life
and to feel good through your journey here on earth.


 Love, Healing, Emotional Balance It is in the troubled areas of your life and in the challenging situations
 you find yourself in, that
this profound understanding can help.
 For if you don't know or don't clearly understand how life works -
much of your life happens randomly
rather than unfolding in the way you want.

Isn't it time to have a better experience?
Isn't it time you clearly understand?
You don't have to walk in fear
or sadness or anger or confusion any longer.
Know how to change your life. Find balance, well being, good health and happiness.

No question gone without an answer.
This is the place to learn about your life circumstances ...
all that remains is practice and correction, divert and redirect.
You will have the answers and the tools you need
to change what you are experiencing.

A Metaphysical Teacher Truth and clarity Spiritual Counseling 

I will give you clear insight into the situation that you are dealing with at this time.
We will help you see on a soul level what you consciously need to understand first,
and then show you what needs to change to have a more satisfying life experience.
Because if you aren't sure what you're being shown about yourself and your circumstances,
how will you know what to change to bring about what you desire?
This is where an understanding beyond the physical comes in ...
it is a knowing on how to have a grander experience on Earth.

 The door I can open for you is Truer Understanding of Yourself
  and what you are being shown - on a more complete level.
We will cover your problem areas and give you a plan
on how to to align with what you desire.
You will know how to feel good and will have the ability to walk through
the situation that is challenging you now.
 You will feel confident & empowered to call forth what you desire into your life experience.
There is no reason you shouldn't experience the best life has to offer.

shop, ebook, e book, book

 Spiritual Counseling ... Think With Your Heart! Click and listen with your heart to a world filled with Love that we can make happen   ...  
"Imagine" by John Lennon

When we open ourselves to the Love we have within and allow this Love to dance through us ...
we are the vessel that expresses true Love through our uniqueness and we feel our beauty.

Experience having a wise heart and feel the joy of a child.
Learn how to be in the moment and how to trust in yourself enough to just Be.

Divinity Both the site and this enlightening Understanding are shared from a deep place of Love.
They were created to bring many heartfelt feelings, encourage you to touch on the Love
that you hold and cause you to think deeper about many things in life.
They are shared so you touch on and feel the beauty that truly lives in you.


Through the Eyes of the Heart Divine Love
Self Love Ask and you shall receive! Living Heaven on Earth


Click on the star in the picture above to enter the web site.
Please know this profound understanding is not listed in its entirety on the site
but it is given in book form or Session.

    Thank you for coming and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

Loving spiritual counselor/advisor comes to share the gift of enlightenment.
A uniting of the heart and mind in a space of Love ...
an amazing
true awakening with guidance into a genuine Loving ascension
of one's self and consciousness.



Counselor of the Heart
Helping you experience your heart's desire in every way & in every area of life.

Open to the Love That You Truly Are & experience
the celebration of what life can truly be!

If you would like to make a donation to help us help others ...
please click on the donations button below and enter your personal donation.


2001 - 2015 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach teaches a genuine path
to enlightenment and healing using a profound understanding of life.


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