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Unity is a Spiritual Life Coach & Counselor, a Metaphysical Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and Holistic Healer of the Mind, Body & Soul.

You will not get another counselor, you will always speak with Unity.

What if someone could give you a clear understanding of your life

by explaining "why" things are happening the way they are,

and then share the Light on how to change it all for the better?

One Session is all you need.

I help people heal their-selves and their lives.

​Your vibration is determining everything.

​When you find out how to correct your vibration, lasting change will happen for you.

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Our Session Together is Unique -

It is Unlike Any Other

I offer a different kind of Spiritual Counseling, dear one.

In our 1st Session together you will not only know what you need to correct,

you will know how to accomplish it.

I do not believe in multiple Sessions to keep you coming ...

when it can be explained simply and clearly the day of your call.

I believe in empowering you immediately.

You will learn how to bring about the beautiful things you want to experience.

Imagine yourself living your life feeling good, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Personal Growth in this way is an amazing experience.

Experience the incredible that your life has to offer.

What can Unity help you with? Almost anything, dear one.

Why live without Understanding?

Spiritual Counselor

I am here to empower you with what will change your life circumstances.

Things do not have to be confusing any longer.



Accomplish Your Dreams ...

Correct your vibration in the troubled areas of your life 

and watch everything change for the better.

This One Hour Session is for Our First Time Together  $125.00

This is an Important Session - it is Essential for your life path.

You will be given "A Clear Understanding of Your Life",

because without something like this, counseling, therapy, life coaching

or searching could go on indefinitely.

This is a One-Time Session.

In your future calls, use the buttons below because we will use the

"Clear Understanding of Your Life" with the experience you are having

 to get you back on track quickly.

This Thirty Minute Session is for Clarity & Insight on your journey.  $60.00

If we have already had a Session together,

coming back for more or new insight can usually be covered in a half hour Session or less.

This Button is for "Extra Time" spent together - or a "Shorter Session" $2.00 per Minute

Enter your $ amount in the "Price per item" box in PayPal

after clicking on this button.

When you have paid for a Session - 

Call Unity to Schedule Your Time Together

Please know a sliding scale is available - nobody is turned down.

Things You Should Know About Our Spiritual Counseling Session Together  

I will let you know when our time together is coming to an end
and will ask if you want to continue ... 

and click on the Buy Now Button above to enter

If we do continue, simply come back after our Session

your personal amount for extra time.

There are many times a Session can be done immediately or within a short time of your call.

Please make your payment and then call to set up your appointment.

The length of time that we spend together will vary depending on your situations 

and what you are wanting to know.

As your life changes so will your questions & the insight you seek.

Group Sessions are tailored to your groups questions and their desire to know.

Group Sessions

All age groups and topics are welcome.

On The Radio

Unity is available to give answers and solutions to your listeners questions.

All topics on life can be covered.

Thank you for visiting and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

Counselor of the Heart

Experience your heart's desire.

​Open to the celebration of what life can truly be.

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Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach teaches a genuine path to enlightenment and healing using a clear understanding of your life.

Spiritual Counselor offers Spiritual Counseling in a different way.