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A World Flag Was Just Created ... by Unity
Counselor of the Heart

Wouldn't it be wonderful ...
Can you help me bring it into existence?

Help Us Bless Others A World Flag That Reminds & Enlightens Us All ...
To Include Everyone & Omit No One ...

Let Us Shine Our Light One by One ...

Copyright August 2016 - Unity - Counselor of the Heart

This Is Love In It's Grandest Form ...
It Is a Flag that Includes Each and Every One of Us.

I need your input, dear ones,
I need to know if you think the world is ready for something like this?

Will you help me spread the word that a Flag is available with this beautiful message ?
Will you help me promote a genuine way of treating one another?

Help Us Bless Others

"Our World Flag" was just Created ... And We Need Your Help!

1. We are asking the market if this would be something
you would be interested in purchasing?
Are You?

2. Which of the sizes below would you be interested in?

A.   12" x 18"?

     B.   2 feet x 3 feet?

    C.  3 feet x 5 feet?

3. Is it important to you to have the "Verse" legible on both sides?
(A two-sided flag will cost more.)

Exact pricing is not available at this time ...
for it will all depend on how many World Flags are ordered
and if they are one sided or two.

The price range is from $28 to $74.
We really appreciate your donation! Please drop Unity an email with your comments soon
and if you are wanting to be one of the 1st
to purchase this World Flag as soon as it is manufactured.


Or Call Unity At:  414-581-0020

Thank you for helping us get a better idea of what is wanted
and for helping us get this "message of peace" out into the world!

We really appreciate your donation!

Counselor of the Heart
Helping you experience your heart's desire in every way
and in every area of life.

  Opening you to the celebration of what your life can truly be.

2001 - 2017 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach teaches a genuine path
to enlightenment and healing using a profound understanding of life.