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UnityLove ...

Unity ... Togetherness ... Love for All
These two words were brought together to help us embrace a deeper consciousness ...
a knowing that already exists deep within every heart that walks this earth.
Beautiful feelings, sensations and expressions await to be remembered,
touched on and experienced.

It is by finding the truest Love possible, for ourselves, others and every thing ...
that opens us to connect with  our beauty, our true inner selves and our divinity.
Inner peace, inner balance and inner strength is experienced when we realize ...
Who We Really Are and that we have been searching for ourselves and how to Love all along.


Unity ...

Represents a oneness ... a closeness ... a togetherness.
One heart ... one Love ... one mind ... and one prayer standing for nothing less than,
the highest good for all, including ourselves, and the harm of none.

Instead of finding our differences which keeps us apart ...
It's time for us to find what we have in common ... for this brings us together.
As we find the good and positive things we all desire and work on these things together ...
this oneness makes all the things we could ever dream of ... possible.

Love ...

Divine Unconditional Love is the Ultimate Love ... It Is The Grandest Love of All.
It is a Love that includes every one and every thing.
It is Love without attachments or conditions accompanying it.
It is a Love that does not hate or disrespect anyone or anything ever, including ourselves.
It is a sacred Love that accepts everyone and everything as is.
It is a Love that Loves no matter what.

When we discover the importance of truly Loving, whether it is ourselves or others ...
pure Divinity is expressed through us in all of Its Grandeur. This is true spiritual growth.

UnityLove ...

Originally UnityLove was the name I created
to represent a beauty we all have in our hearts.

I hoped when these two words were seen together it would be
a visual reminder of Love & Unity ...
and so I chose to use it as my user name
when counseling and teaching people from around the world in my chat rooms.

The name UnityLove was created to represent grandness ...
a connection within our Self,
and it opened the door for many to embrace
a beautiful relationship with Love.

Unity & Love for All ... creates a path beyond talk
and takes us into the expression of the heart.
 Choosing it, opens us to some of the grandest feelings
and expressions we can feel through our human forms.

About me, the how and the why ...

 I would like to share how my life helped awaken me ...

Many call me Unity, my given name is Debra ...
I was born in 1954 to a family that was greatly separated by belief systems & religion.
My father was Hebrew and followed the Jewish belief.
My mother was Syrian & she followed a belief that was very similar to Roman Catholic.

Not only did both my parents hold completely opposite views on life ...
but the countries that was their heritage were constantly at war.

What I saw in so many minds was separation.
What I felt in so many hearts was sadness - the opposite of Love.

It wasn't until I was much older that I realized that I was empath (a sensitive)
and could feel the heartfelt feelings of others.
I didn't realize that what I was gifted with was ...
a natural connection with the wisdom we have within -
It was a natural connection with Spirit that made it possible for me to feel truth.

From the eyes of a child ...

I stood in total confusion as to which parent's beliefs and religion
to choose and believe in for myself.
No matter which belief I considered choosing,
those who did not believe in that way said I would fail.

My father, being Jewish said Jesus Christ was a not the Messiah.
My mother's being Catholic warned
that if I didn't believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah,
that no matter how much I loved God ... it would not be enough.

 As much as I tried to figure it out
I truly didn't know which of their belief's held the truth.

I felt lost and somehow unloved by God
because I wasn't sure in my beliefs like others.

I felt I wasn't going to heaven because I couldn't make a choice ...
and I felt God would be angry and unhappy with me
if I made the wrong choice.

Can you imagine how scary life was for a child unsure of God's Love?
And so at the age of nineteen after being told very boldly once again that
I was positively going to hell no matter how much I Loved God ...

I began an in-depth journey to understand the truth about God, Life & Ourselves.
I wanted to know for myself which of my parents religions held the truth.
I wanted to know what life was really about on planet earth where so many hurt each other.

And I desperately wanted to see if I could really get to know and be Loved
by this God that caused so much fear and separation.

(what I was shown is ... it is we who separate ourselves in so many ways)

It was a very profound journey for me and what I found was true enlightenment.
It took my heart beyond what many of us have experienced and were taught to feel.

I was blessed with a life that led me into taking a long hard look at separation.
I was also blessed with the ability to feel the hurt in others
and the sadness they felt as they were subjected to feelings of separation.
I have always given comfort. I have always helped others feel better.

And so I began questioning - I began questioning everything people believed.

In my heart I know this was the reason for my diverse childhood.
In some Divine way it was the reason my parents came together to have a child.

The time had come for a different view of Love to be embraced by the world -
a truer way of Loving - a way of Loving that didn't leave ourselves or others out..

And the beauty in it all ... we could know very easily where The Grandest Love was not,
by simply noticing wherever separation existed or showed up.

After searching the Bible page by page for many years
and then exploring the depths of many other beliefs ...
a common thread was shown,
and how Divine it truly was,
for it was interwoven in them all.

This common thread was The Grandest Love of All ... It is a Divine Love ... an Unconditional Love,
and Its only Law ... is The Law of Love.

This Grand Beautiful Love when fully understood,
includes everyone and separates no one from one another for any reason.

Unconditional Love did not make someone higher & another lower because of anything.
Divine Love did not make someone more & another less for how could that be Love?
The Grandest Love of All did not say there was only one way to find your Divinity.

The Grandest Love of All lovingly whispers ...
"There are infinite ways to find Me for I Am in Everything."
Why would you limit My Love so?"

And there are infinite ways to find this beautiful Love - "God Source Spirit Love of All Things -
in you and each and everyone of us."

This is the beautiful Love that awaits each one of us
and it uses no judgment of any kind.

God Source Spirit of All Things/Divine Unconditional Love/The Grandest Love of All 
would never condemn a child ...

because of the family he or she was born into
or the because of the different beliefs that were held
or because of any belief chosen ... ever.

That is not a True Love in any way ...
 but many of mankind's mis-interpretations of God and what Love was, did.

This is what opened my eyes,
it opened my heart and my mind together ... it awakened me.
  I came to realize that we were not shown
"how to feel what Divine Unconditional Love is."

This began my process of going beyond what anyone taught about God, or Love or Ourselves
and it opened my heart to seeing God/The Grandest Love of All for what God Truly Is
and was always meant to be.

What I found was Divine Unconditional Love is a Beautiful and Profound Love,
and We Each Are An Individual Expression of It ... Each in Our Own Unique Way.

So many beliefs have made "god little" and "us little" with all their fears ...
and many of these mis-interpretations have been keeping us apart from one another
and keeping us from expressing the True Love we have deep within our hearts.

 Connecting With & Feeling The Grandest Love of All is not as hard as you think.

And then I Continued to Pray, Meditate, Search & Research to Find the Truth about Life and Us.

I was taken on many amazing journeys by Spirit so I could feel the truth for myself.
What I can now share with you is an in-creditable understanding into why
 you are experiencing what you are.

I can show you how to recognize and get in touch with what you are being shown ...
and explain what you need to do or change to experience what you desire.

Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Counseling As far back as I can remember I could feel the sorrows and sadness of others.
Because of this ability, my heart went out to many in Love
and created deep feelings of wanting to help.

My search was always for what would make each soul that came to me
regain wholeness and feel better.

Many say I have a gift from God/The Grandest Love that Is.
In my heart I  Love & care for all others and all things.

I can see through the illusions and take you into your own knowing.
We have put many layers upon ourselves that hide the truth from us.
 I am offering this gift from my heart to yours so you can feel this Love too.

And as you become able to recognize what The Grandest Love of All is telling you
in any given situation ... you will know your true answers from your Inner Self.
You will see and feel the beauty that you have always held
and you will see, feel and know what to do with the gifts you have to offer.

Once you "feel" this connection within you and know how to get in touch with It ...
you will not want to go back and be the same as you were before.
You're going to want to hold this Oneness with Love very close to you
and you will find yourself expressing It in many beautiful and unique ways.

I am so very grateful to be able to help others to a better place within themselves.

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