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Spiritual Teacher - Advisor - Counselor of the Heart
Unity, is a spiritual teacher that offers a pure and beautiful path into your divinity.
Experience self empowerment.  Connect with your inner wisdom and truly experience peace.
Discover awakening insight about yourself and your life by becoming consciously self aware.


 Spiritual self help book and or Session defines spiritual teachings of the heart and mind
opening you to a beautiful self empowering understanding of life.
Awaken to your divinity and the way to true happiness and feeling good ...
even when you are experiencing life's most challenging situations.
Come and join this genuine adventure, for this heartfelt adventure is all about you.

Your most beautiful expression in life awaits you ...
Who are you painting yourself to Be?


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Awaken to gifts that you hold and live life to the fullest.
Come to understand your inner guidance and know how it works with you.
Open to beauty you have and hold.

This web page was not written to read from top to bottom, dear one ...
it was created to give you the freedom of exploring any section and finding different wisdoms shared.

 Spiritual Teacher shares the way!

Divinity ...

Thinking with our hearts guides us to our grandest feelings and human expressions ever.
When we awaken to using the Universal Law of Love ...
the Divine Love we hold within guides us into God Consciousness.
True Love brings everything together, It wants us to change our lives for the better,
It wants us to become Love Itself and make our world grand.

Loving spiritual teacher of the heart shares the way to true happiness and personal freedom ...
Awaken and see yourself through new eyes,  "Through the Eyes of the Heart ".
An understanding of the heart that helps you go beyond reasoning ...
given in book form and when Unity teaches, advises and counsels.

A beautiful vision shared from my heart ...
I see each and every one of us living together in a highly-evolved society.
A society where we truly Love and care for one another from the heart.
Where we each hold but one rule of Love, "The highest good for all and the harm of none."
Where action is only taken if ... it sincerely fits this rule of Love.
This is honor and Love for All.

Spiritual Teacher -  in Divine Love

Each sentence below is a link. Click on the ones that call to your heart.
The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen ...
This wisdom shared in this site is here to remind us to question everything we have been taught
You Are a Beautiful Expression of God
In near death experiences one's life changes for the better ... ever wonder why?
The thing that really intertwines and connects us all
The most Delightful Thing in Life is to suddenly realize Your Own Worth
Are you acting out of Love or fear?
Knowledge verses Wisdom ... knowing verses applying
Looking with the heart
The moment we decide

When we die ...

Spiritual Teacher explains healing

The heart and mind are like a parachute they must be opened to work.

You are not asked to believe what you find in these pages, dear one ...
you are asked to decide for yourself by reading what is here with an open heart and an open mind.
Begin to "feel" these pages and any and all information you come across with your heart
no matter who's it is, where it is from or what it is.

If certain understandings and teachings ring true within you, keep its wisdom very close to you.
If certain understandings and teachings do not ring true within you, leave them be.

The best and most beautiful things in the world are not always seen, or even touched ...
they must be
felt with the heart.

There is wisdom in believing in the power of Love rather than believing in the power of fear ...
for fear is nothing more than a place of darkness that has not found Love.

Discover a very simple way your Inner Guidance communicates with you.
True spiritual awakening comes when we trust our own spiritual guidance ...
 rather than the words or direction given by any others.

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Spiritual Teacher exlains life

Love reminds us to "question everything" - for we have been taught many things that are not true.
Counselor of the Heart urges each person to re-evaluate what they have been told as truth,
including the many spiritual teachings being presented all over the world today and since the beginning.
"Through the Eyes of their Heart" holds a true understanding of Love.
My book will show you how to walk as Love Itself. You will begin to re-evaluate and re-think everything.

True freedom and individual power is experienced when we are guided in
how to find the truth by using the Divine Love placed in our very own hearts.
It is very important for us to come to know ourselves and the beauty we have within
for when we do ... everything in our lives changes into something much more beautiful and grand.

Know, dear one, you have everything you need and seek within, just as you are.
Pure spiritual enlightenment is ours when we allow ourselves to be free of what does not serve us.
Sometimes the hardest ones to teach are those who think they already know
for many think it is much more complicated than it actually is.
Some who say they know have us doing so much "that we lose ourselves" in the doing of it all.

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Spiritual Teacher shows the way to happiness

You are a beautiful expression of God, dear one.
ur life path and life purpose is much easier to understand than some would have you think.

Why are we so afraid of expressing our Love and really having fun?
The brave do not live forever ... but the cautious do not live at all.
Why is it that we choose to experience life as if we are already dead, instead of truly living?
Are you so strict with yourself that you have forgotten how to enjoy, play, love, laugh?

Spiritual Teacher explains life purpose

Wouldn't it be nice to let go and dance as if no one was watching ...
Love like we'd never ever be hurt again ...
and sing like no one was listening?
Then why don't we? What are we so afraid of?
Love knows ... do you?

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Loving Spiritual Teacher - show how to find Inner Peace and Happiness

Have we stopped long enough to notice that people who have had a "near death experience"...
experience life dramatically for the better after they have had that type of experience?
Have you ever thought about why their life became so much better or what changed them?
They actually came back with insightful wisdom and this changed their whole outlook on life.

Many of us are actually choosing our negative life experiences in an unknowing way ...
When you feel unhappy, you are doing this.
Do you know to change how you feel?

Counselor of the Heart shows you how.
Gain the tools and the wisdom to change your life experience as you know it now.
Know how to make the difficult situations in your life better, even the most challenging.
Step out of the hectic world you see before you now and enter a place and space of inner peace.

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Truthfully, experiencing a joyful life, having happiness and good health is all about Loving.
What I teach is how to Love when its hard to Love. How to find Love when it doesn't seem to be there.
How to feel Love no matter what stands before us. How to shift ones energy.

There is a beautiful heart and mind connection I have come to share ...
it was divinely given to me and it will connect you with the magnificence that lives in you.

As we raise ourselves, we raise our world and as we do we will experience a beautiful planet
of caring souls who stand in Love always and work together in unity.

 Awaken to the feeling of using conscious awareness and the Universal Law of Love
and step into the Divine Love that intertwines and connects us all.
It lives within each heart. Walk through obstacles in joy.
This is true transformation of consciousness and reconnection with your divinity.

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Spiritual Teacher shows the way to transformation

The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly "recognize your own worth".

When you touch on this heartfelt conscious awareness ... you will feel It, dear one, let It embrace you.

Open your heart to the feelings and the freedom you have been longing for.

I have added 2 words to a very wise and beautiful law ... Why?
Because I have found that those of us who are just coming into our own self worth
may have had a tendency in the past to leave ourselves out of the equation.
"The highest good of all,
including myself, and the harm of none."

Spiritual Teacher helps you step into Self-Love

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Are you acting out of Love or fear? A measure of Love verses fear ...
The essence of Love is freedom.
Love grants freedom ... fear takes it away.
Love opens up ... fear closes down.
Love invites full expression ... fear punishes it.
By this measure we can know whether someone is Loving us or fearing us.
Do not look to what they say ... look to what they do.
Conversations With God (Book 4)

Are we Loving ourselves or fearing ourselves?
Are we allowing ourselves freedom or restricting ourselves?

Are we loving others or restricting them?
Why do we limit our Love with one another? 
Which fear within us ... have we not addressed?

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 Ascension can come when we die or it can come at any time during this lifetime.
A definition of ascension in this lifetime -
Ascension is when you stay in the same body you are in now ...
but you now hold truer Love, deeper wisdom and grander knowledge than you held before.
It is a new level of consciousness and spiritual understanding.
 Many of us are experiencing this. At times it can be a rough ride and uncomfortable.
I am Unity, Counselor of the Heart and I am here for you if you are having difficulty
or if you need confirmation.

In a true spiritual awakening, life becomes a dance of Love in every moment that exists.
Love moves us out of being offended by the outside world and keeps us balanced in every area of life.

To acquire knowledge one must study. To acquire wisdom one must observe.
But it is most important to know there is a big difference between learning and applying.
One can hold all the knowledge and wisdom in the world and yet never actually apply it.
If we as a people read all of the books in the world and observe all there is to see ...
but never apply what we have come to understand where is the grandness in it all?

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 Worrying is very destructive and can change the attraction of what we truly desire.
Find out how to change your negative thoughts of worry, fear or thinking you are not good enough ...
or those thoughts will attract unhappy experiences into your life.

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When we die it will not be what we did that we will regret the most ...
but that which we did not do or allow ourselves the grandeur of!

What is listed in this website are bits and pieces from many different teachings,
 religions and cultures ... each expressing the same common thread.
In the realization that a common thread is continually repeating throughout time and history ...
we are able to discover the truth once again.

The common thread is Divine Unconditional Love.
It is a heart moving mind thinking connection expressing Unity and Love.

It is a Grand Love that stands for the highest good for all and the harm of nothing.
It is a True Love for self, a True Love for others and a True Love for all things,
no one and nothing is left out.

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For in the darkest of situations there is Light if we look with our hearts.
Know how to find that Light ... know how to use Love to discover it.
Our hearts have always held the beauty of truth.
Within our hearts and minds is an inner power beyond our grandest dreams.
Love never limited us but we have truly limited ourselves.

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Spiritual Teacher - Our Common Thread Is Divine Love

The moment we decide to connect with what Love really is ...
a beautiful part of ourselves begins to manifest and unfold.
The moment we decide to bring about a world filled with Love and Light ...
a beautiful world begins to manifest and unfold.

If we really want things to change in our lives or in the world  ...
we need to quit the talking, quit the procrastinating ... and begin Loving again.
We as individuals need to know how to do this for our tough times will challenge us if we don't.

Spiritual Teacher - Walk Heaven on Earth Now

There is a beautiful understanding of life and yourself - it is called ,"Through the Eyes of the Heart"
it will remove much of the confusion and it shows a clear path of how to connect with your divinity.
Feel good as you go through life's toughest situations and experiences.
Open your eyes, your mind and your heart to the beauty you have within.

Experience true awakening and life changes.
This book is a life manual.

 This beautiful wisdom is shared in a personal way and it is available in my book.
Click on the left picture below for a personal session.
Click on the right picture below to order the book.

Spiritual Teacher Spiritual Guide shows the way to Divine Love            THROUGH THE EYES OF THE HEART - Living Heaven On Earth

Thank you for coming and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

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Counselor of the Heart
Helping you understand how to experience your heart's desire in every way and in every area of life.
    Open to the Love That You Truly Are and experience the celebration of what life can truly be.
    2001 - 2014 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
   Spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor, author and life coach teaches a genuine path
   to enlightenment using feeling, conscious awareness and thinking with your heart.


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