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Counselor & Spiritual Teacher of the Heart.
Insights & Wisdom shared by Unity
from years ago.

Inspirational Intuitive InsightDo you sincerely want to be healthy, happy and free?
Then it's time to understand many things, on many levels.

Shared are some of the thoughts, insights & stories I chose to share
from long ago, that helped me realize a more profound truth,
some of the stories were shared with me.

I am constantly being shown greater insight & deeper wisdom.
What is shared here are simply stepping stones
that may help you on your journey.

We are all constantly entering a grander consciousness.
The books I have written are of a grander awareness
and consciousness than what is shared here.

And what is shared in our counseling sessions together
is of the highest I have to give.

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This is your personal growth,
your spiritual growth & a place of self awareness ...

May you enjoy the reading, but make sure you use your own heart
to see if what is shared here feels good and rings true for you.

Are You Leaving Yourself Out?

Creator in the Drivers Seat

As I Am Observing You

If I Am Wise ...

Happiness Must Be Chosen In Every Moment ...

Ego Was Given A Bad Rap ...

Forgiveness can take forever -
but there's a way to set yourself free

The Unicorn Story


Are You Leaving Yourself Out?

I used to believe there was really only one rule
to follow and that was ...

"The Highest Good of All and the Harm of None".

I thought this saying pretty much summed up for us
and helped us check to see if our actions were of the highest accord.

The other day I was doing some energy work on a beautiful soul
who had tired herself out and as I prayed the words above ...
God/Source/Holy Spirit added a few words to it!
How powerful they were for those of us who have no problem
following the rule above when it comes to others ...
but forget about or leave ourselves out.

I would very much like to share
the new version with you now ...

"The Highest Good of All, Including Myself,
and the Harm of None."

The wisdom & Love in the new words opened my eyes
to how many times I have denied my own needs.

May the Love shared bless you in every way.
Love 'Unity' - written 7-18-09 (edited a bit 6-1015)

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Creator in the Drivers Seat ...

I have forgotten what I really am.

I mistook my body for myself.

I forgot Creator is within me
and that my body is here to assist Creator and me
in having a wonderful experience here on Earth.

I am now giving the steering wheel back
to Creator & letting Creator drive.

Together we are going to have the time of my life!
For my Creator is Love & in that very pure Love ...
there is no sickness, aging, stress or struggle.
It was only when I took the steering wheel away from Creator
 that my thoughts and fears created something less.

With great joy & wisdom ... I'm no longer driving,
I am dancing all the way as the passenger
into something grander than I could have
ever imagined on my own.

Written by Unity for MySpace,
counseloroftheheart - August 12th, 2008

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As I Am Observing You ...

As I am listening to you ... I can feel your anger.
As I am here with you ... I find you are upsetting me.
As I am watching you ... I see you are so kind to others.
As I am standing here observing you ... I can see your meanness so clearly.
As I am standing here watching you ... I realize you are a joy to others.
As I am observing you ... I see and feel you are afraid.
As I am watching you ... I see what a delight you are.
As I am here looking at you ... I feel your loneliness.
As I am here with you ... I feel your sadness.
As I am here with you I feel uncomfortable.
As I am listening to you ___________.

I now realize that you, whoever you are at the time,
are showing me something about myself.
What I am witnessing & what is happening with you
is not solely about you ...
I am being shown aspects of myself
through you.

And if I am wise, as our experience together unfolds
 I will take notice of what it is that I see in you ...
for what I am seeing has something very important to do with me.
You are my teacher, an actor, a mirror playing a role -
to help me see myself more clearly.

Am I seeing something good in you
or am I seeing something that I think you need to change?
Now in my wisdom I take another look at
what is rising in me because of you.
What am I seeing,  feeling,  judging
or is there something I have an attachment
or condition on?

And now with wisdom,
instead of blaming you, I thank you,
for showing me divinely and exactly what I needed to see
and perhaps change ... in myself.

Written by Unity,
Counselor of the Heart - March 18th, 2008
With Love

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If I Am Wise ...

As I speak words to help another,
if I am wise, I will listen very closely to what I have to say ...
for I am saying what I, myself, needs to hear.

As I tell another what to do,
if I am wise,
I will listen very closely to the action I tell them to take ...
for it is the action I, myself, needs to take.

As I spend my time trying to get others to hear
what to do for their own good
and explain what they need to do to feel good,
if I am wise, I will notice I, myself,
have not done what I have recommended.

As I am speaking ... I do not do.
I tell others to watch themselves
and I stop watching myself in the process.
I am working on them, instead of practicing the wisdom, myself,
shared from my very own mouth and heart.

People come into my life so I can explain what I most need to hear.
If I miss that, if I think it is only them with the problem ...
I keep preaching and never go beyond to hearing my own message.

When I am wise,
less and less people will show up mirroring to me what I most need to see -
for I will have fixed the biggest problem of all, myself.

Written by Unity, Counselor of the Heart - September  8th, 2007
Author of, "Through the Eyes of the Heart".

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Happiness Must Be Chosen In Every Moment ...

Happiness is our natural state
but it is something that must be chosen in every moment we enter into.

Whether you know it or not ... you are simply waiting for yourself to Love.
Where ever or when ever you aren't happy ...
your life experiences are guiding you to Love.
You, yourself are creating all the situations you are experiencing
 because you are seeking to express Love.

What you search for is found when you realize it is all about
calling this Love out of yourself.

Your feelings are co-creating with your thoughts
and they are bringing specific life experiences to you.

What area of life are you insecure in?
What area of life is challenging you? What are you upset about?
What are you primarily thinking and feeling about yourself? Others?
The situations you find yourself in? Who bothers you?

What is going on with you physically?
What is going on in you mentally and emotionally?
What are you thinking and feeling into existence?

And most important ...
What is it that you aren't understanding
that could change your whole life experience?

Written by Unity - Counselor of the Heart and Life Coach - October 2007
Taken from http://www.thinkwiththeheart.com

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Ego Was Given A Bad Rap ...

Everything is changing. We are changing.
Things that we once believed are changing -
So lets take the time to re-evaluate everything
we have come to believe about ego.

Take a minute and say the word ego to yourself.
Focus on the word ego for a while -
how does the word ego makes you “feel  inside".

When many of us hear or focus on the word ego,
we go to something negative
because of what we have been told about ego.

Unfortunately much of what we were told about ego
was about an unbalanced ego.

Lets give ego a new name to understand ourselves and ego in a truer light.
 The new name is oge - it is ego spelled backwards.
Oge is pronounced ooogeee

Now take another minute and see how the word oge feels to you.
Are you feeling like you did when you focused on ego
or does oge make you feel better?

Oge almost sounds like someone you could be friends with, doesn’t it?
Perhaps it time to become friends with your ego ...
because ego is your inner child.

It is the little one (a part) within us that is scared,
fearful & constantly needs to be reassured.

It is the part of ourselves that we have somehow put down
and let others abuse. 

This inner child of ours needs to be nurtured in so many ways.
We have neglected it on so many levels.

So perhaps ego is bit unbalanced right now ...
but we can bring it into balance starting right now.

If we support, comfort and uplift this little one within
(the part of us that feels bad) ...
and show it we will always be there for it - ego balances.
When we Love ego (oge) everything changes.
When we realize we are Loved,
everything changes. (it is us Loving ourselves)

When we and ego (oge) realize we are Love
life changes in the most miraculous ways.

I hope you enjoyed this ... and if you’ll excuse me,
me and ooogeee are going for a long needed walk!

 Written by Unity, June 2007, Counselor of the Heart
Author of "Through the Eyes of the Heart"
(edited and changed a bit 6-2015)

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The Walking Stick Story & A Lesson Well Learned!

An enlightening story for healers, caretakers
and those who think they constantly need to help others. 

One day I was coming out of the door of the camper we were living in 
and I noticed a regular visitor, a walking stick.

He had picked an awful place to rest, I thought, right there on my door,
he could get hurt with us going in and out of that door. 

So I decided to help the walking stick ...
I moved him over to the picnic table where I thought he would be safe. 

Well the picnic table was very close to the bird feeder 
and before I realized that the picnic table might not
be a good place to put him, 
a bird took off one of the walking sticks legs!

Well I ran over to help the walking stick once again ...
The poor thing now only had five legs, so I moved him over to our tent.
The walking sticks seemed to like to crawl up the screening on the tent 
and I figured now that he had a leg missing
it would be easy for him to maneuver there. 

Smiling and frowning at the same time because of the mishap 
and the good place I had thought of to put him, 
I left him alone.

I went back in the camper for while
and then went outside again to check on my walking stick friend. 

As I looked over at our tent,
my eyes went to the top where all the poles fit
into a pentagon shaped holder 
and there between all those poles was one of the biggest
spider webs I had ever seen!
My eyes began frantically searching the tent for the walking stick. 
I found myself focused about an inch away from where the web began
 and much to my dismay … there was my friend about to walk right into it! 

I couldn’t stop thinking about the spider’s sting
if I didn’t get to him in time! I had to help him! 

Well the top of the tent was high
and I couldn’t quite reach the walking stick
 but I was determined to rescue him. 

So I began jumping up and down and hitting the tent. 
Well the walking stick bounced off the tent ...
and hit one of the poles on the way down and he lost another leg! 
Now he only had four legs and the legs he lost caused his balance to be off.

I had to do something!
In my great want to help I ran inside to my computer
and searched the internet to find out what kind of food walking sticks ate
so I could put him close to his food
since he was having so much trouble walking. 

I found that they ate oak leaves.
Well we had an oak tree right behind the camper. 

All I had to do was put him on one of the leaves.
So I picked him up once again, 
walked over and got on top of our lawn mower
that was sitting on a trailer 
but those darn leaves were too high to reach. 

Wobbling horribly and with my arm at full length and stretched out, 
I finally got the walking stick on a crooked hanging oak leaf.
I did it! 
I had helped him get to his food source,
and satisfied with that I left him to live out his life.

I went back inside the camper but after a while my curiosity got to me 
so I went out to check on my friend ...

He had fallen off that crooked oak leaf, he was missing another leg 
and was on the ground being eaten by ants! I couldn’t believe it. 

I picked him up and brushed all the ants off him. 
I then climbed on top of the lawn mower again
and balancing the best I could with the poor walking stick in hand,
I reached and pulled off the very leave he fell off of.
I went into the camper and got a clear shallow dish to put him in. 
I crumbled up the oak leaf and placed it next to him
and I put a little purified water in there too. 

I had to care for him from now on
because he couldn’t make it on his own anymore. 
But where would I keep him? 

I couldn’t take him inside my camper in that dish
because my kitty would eat him for sure. 
I had to think this out. 

So I put the dish containing my walking stick friend
on the seat of an outside chair 
that was shaded from the sun by our awning ...
while I pondered what to do. 

I was only in the camper a half hour
trying to figure out what to do 
when I decided I should go out and check on him. 

Well, the sun had traveled across the sky
and was shinning under the awning directly on that glass dish! 
There was the little walking stick fried and stuck to that hot dish.

So the next time you think you're helping someone or something,
you might want to think again … 
because that little walking stick was just fine where he was
until I decided to help him, over and over and over!

Written by Unity, Counselor of the Heart, June 2007
Author of “Through the Eyes of the Heart”

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The Unicorn Story ...

There was a unicorn who was born among horses.
And even though she had a unique horn and wings for flying ...
she was told since the day she was born -
that she was a horse and that her name was Silver.

Silver was given a birth certificate
with her name clearly printed on it,
and she was told about her family history
and the long line of horses she had come from.
She was informed of her families strengths
and of their weaknesses.

Silver lived a long life as a horse, and when she died -
she died as a horse.

The sad thing was Silver wasn't a horse at all  ...
but she bought into the story that she was a horse,
and therefore thought she was indeed nothing but a horse.

She had whole-heartily believed what she was told
by the other horses.

And because Silver never questioned what they had told her
or questioned what she thought ...
she never got the chance to experience who she really was -
an amazing being that could fly and was very majestic indeed.

Dear one, I did not write this story
but I feel it has a wonderful message.

I believe we bought into many stories very much like Silver did.
You and I were given a name, a birth certificate, a family history
and that is who we think we are, but we aren't ... not really.

We are so much more, so unique,
so inspired within - spread your wings,
Don't listen to anyone else and be whoever delights you!
With much Love, Unity

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Forgiveness Can Take Forever ...
But There's a Way to Set Yourself Free.

Everyone seems to be working on forgiveness.
We want to know how to truly forgive so we can be at peace.

We want to experience this feeling
we have been told about that truly sets us free.

The truth is, the feeling and freedom we are looking for
does not come from finding forgiveness – it comes from finding Love.

We were told that if we can find forgiveness we will feel better.
We know we need to find something
because we are not enjoying feeling bad,
hurt, angry or resentful in any way.

We also know that if we continue to allow negative feelings to bother us,
that we are literally hurting our mental and physical health.

Because we have been told that forgiveness brings us a feeling of peace,
and peace is what we are seeking … we attempt to forgive, over and over.

But forgiveness evades us because when we try to forgive,
we find ourselves focused once again on those hurtful feelings we hold
and then the painful events repeatedly circle in our minds.
We find we are not freeing ourselves from the drama.

Therefore we need to take a closer look at forgiveness
for it is virtually impossible to forgive something
 when we keep focusing on the hurt and pain.

How can we be at peace if we are continually reliving the pain
and hurt of an event in our thoughts and hearts? We can’t.

A Story that helps us understand that forgiveness
may not be what we are looking for  ...

Once upon a time an old man was robbed at gun point
 and he was beaten until he fell to the ground.
He was found and taken to the hospital.
During his recovery the nurse who was taking care of him
noticed how undisturbed he was about the event.

She asked him how he could be so peaceful
and why he wasn’t angry at the man
who did this horrible thing to him.

The old man answered her and said;
“I guess it all depends on how you think of things.”

He began to explain that as the robber was taking all of his things;
among them was a gold watch.

The old man described to the robber
that his grandfather had given him that watch just before he died
and he asked the robber if he could please keep the watch
because it meant very much to him.

The robber looked at the old man,
grumbled and threw the watch back at him.
The robber then fled the scene and left the old man lying there.

The old man explained to the nurse,
when I think of the robbery what I choose to remember is this,
the robber gave me back my
grandfather’s gold watch that means so much to me,
and even though he had a gun he let me live.
He didn’t have to do either.

As much as we would like to, we cannot change another,
what another does nor did - we can only change ourselves.

Peace comes from finding and thinking something good
about even the most hurtful events.

It does not come from thinking and reliving the hurtful parts
 of the events we found ourselves in.

To find peace, you must first find something golden
(the silver lining) to focus on.

Peace accompanies Love (the goodness or positive).

This Story and its wisdom is presented so you can feel good
and be at peace when you think about an uncomfortable event
or are with or think about a person that bothers you.

It is very important to understand that
this finding something good is for “You”.

It is not for anyone but you.
It is not for the one who you believe hurt you.

The ultimate wake up is most of us end up working on forgiveness forever.
There is no forgiveness – there is only the positive and Love.
Our challenge is always to find something positive so we can feel good.

When we do - having to forgive anyone or anything disappears
because we are no longer focused on, and bound to,
what is wrong or what hurts.
It is the only way to truly be free of the negativity we are holding
about any person or circumstance.

It is now that your homework truly begins.
Every time your focus goes to back to the negative event
or to negative thoughts ...
your job is to focus on something good
and the positive or don't focus on it at all.

Every time you find yourself thinking about the event in a bad way -
quickly return to a more Loving thought pattern for yourself.

Eventually the ping pong game of going back and fourth will slow down.
You will be able to hold the good thoughts … and as you do, you will be free.
Free of the pain. Free of feeling bad. Free from having to forgive.

Dear one, let what they did – be.
Do yourself a favor and set yourself free.

Written by, Unity - (UnityLove) - Counselor of the Heart - August 2007
(edited and shortened 6-2015)

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From a Being Dead Perspective:
Look at your life from a being dead perspective.
Is what I was doing what I wished I would have picked to do now?
Is this who I would have chosen to be?

For caretakers, healers and those who give until they are exhausted:
Am I in the equation? 
If I am not in the equation then chances are -
I am teaching those around me that this unique,
beautiful expression of God/Source is not important
and that we shouldn't take care of ourselves.

Are You Running A Program?
Computers are not the only thing running programs ...
many of us are too.

Reaching for the "feeling" ...
 Wouldn't it be wonderful if ___________________?

Are you honoring Your God Spark
or caving to another's?

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