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Counselor of the Heart - Events - Classes - Workshops
Wellness Consultant and Life Coach

Unity is an Author, Intuitive Advisor, Spiritual Counselor
Metaphysical Teacher and Inspirational Speaker.

Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Counseling There comes a time to go beyond
what we have been taught or thought we knew.

Find out what should have been shared with you long ago.
Make your dreams your reality - Live
life to the fullest -
This Dance is Yours.

The Next Event
Understanding your vibration in sickness and in health ...
& correcting your vibration to one of wellness and good health.
This date has not been set .

The Cost for an Event Varies.
Please click on the button below to Enter the Amount
for Your Event with Unity.

If the Event is by Donation,
Please use the Donation Link Below!

Please know a sliding scale is available if there is a charge for the event -
nobody & no group is turned down.

The Class/Workshop Hours Vary Depending on the Event.

After making a payment for any Event please call for directions.

Experience a genuine difference in the way you feel
and what you are experiencing.

Please bring pen & paper for taking notes.
All topics and questions are open for discussion,
nothing - no thing is off limits - anything can be asked or explored.

Books will be available for purchase if you are so inclined
& autographs are my pleasure.

I have a Children's Book to help our kids & our inner child
"Shine" right through what anyone thinks or says about us!
They will be available for you to view also.

 There is so much going on
behind the scenes below the surface of your life ...

I am here to help you with
your toughest life circumstances & your dilemma's.

You are a unique individual, with unique challenges.

When you understand your life in a truer way
 and see what is usually unknown,
you gain the ability to change your experience
& re-create grandly.

Once you understand, dear one ...
life will never be the same as it was.

Sitting in Circle with Groups
Inspirational Speaking Engagements

Personal Sessions are
available at all appearances.

 The floor is always open to any questions,
dilemmas, life problems or creating the life you desire.
Nothing is off limits - All are welcome.

Thank you for coming
and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

Counselor of the Heart

   Helping you understand how to experience your heart's desire
in every way and in every area of life.

Open to the celebration of what your life can truly be.
    2001 - 2018 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach
teaches a genuine path to enlightenment and healing
using a profound understanding of life.