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"Know Who You Are - The Banana Story"
Written by Unity, Counselor of the Heart - Copyright 2014 - 2015

Would you like a way to stop those thoughts about
what someone else thinks or has said about you?

This Book will show you how!

Cover and interior artwork by Edith Thornburg

What Are Our Experiences Trying to Tell Us?

This is about you and your beautiful sparkle! Inspirational Intuitive Insight

"Know Who You Are - The Banana Story"

The cost for the Book is $10.99 plus shipping. The cost for the eBook is $7.54
Shipping cost
inside the United States is $4.99.
Shipping cost outside the United States is $8.99.

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inside the U.S.

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The eBook comes in PDF format.

The Banana Story This book was divinely inspired and I am truly honored
to share this story with you and your children.

Inspirational Intuitive Insight
"Know Who You Are - The Banana Story"
was created for a part in us that should be strong ...
but somehow becomes affected because of what others think or say about us.

Know Who You Are It is a story that takes kids & the reader of the story
on a journey into a Learning Circle that shows them
Who They Are ... and Who They Are Not!

This Wonderful Little Book ...
Is empowering and should be added to everyone's library
and should be added to the mandatory reading lists in children's schools
to help them combat the bulling & teasing that goes on in school.

Give a teacher a copy, donate one to your school or a shelter near by.
Pass it on to places like AA, NA, Children's Hospitals,
Jails or wherever children, teens or adults may
have low self worth, self esteem or self love because of
what another has thought or said about them.

Book Reviews

and entertaining book which speaks to all ages.
Both children and adults will enjoy it over and over again.

We all need reminders

 peace, stability and happiness depend on remembering who we are.
This inspired, empowering reminder truly touched my heart.
Thank You, Unity!!
Sara Sherman, Ph.D.

I have read the book 1 of the
Unity series Know Who You are "The Banana Story",
several times already-& 'am so delighted I want to share
my experience with others-

We all have times when we feel like the "Banana"
& once you learn the lessons of the "circle"
you will be encouraged always-

Should you feel your "Sparkle" wearing off,
go back & read again -
the story resonates with truth, love & warmth-

The book is for all ages (I'm a senior)
& is a quick study with lasting results.

Do something good for yourself,
your children or friends-
Share "The Banana Story"!!

Congratulations on bringing this beautiful story to print!
I look forward to the next one.
Colette Langlois

This book is Inspirational, Uplifting & Empowering!
It is the
1st Book of the "Unity Series" ...
a Teaching Series, written for children
and the inner child in each one of us
Inspirational Intuitive InsightMay the gift in this story bless you
and those you Love & care about forevermore!

Children's Personal Growth & Empowerment Book ...
actually this book is for everyone!

Counselor of the Heart
Open to the celebration of what life can truly be.

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 2001 - 2018 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.
Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach
teaches a genuine path to enlightenment and healing
using a profound understanding of life.


Children's Book - Know Who You Are - The Banana Story